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Jersey Boys Movie Review


I might not be the most qualified person to review Jersey Boys. I haven’t seen any other films directed by Clint Eastwood (although I plan on watching the copy of Mystic River that I “borrowed” from my sister very soon). I also don’t know very much about Frankie Valli or The Four Seasons, as no one in my family listened to them while I was growing up. However, if there is one subject that I am knowledgeable on that will help me with this review, it’s musical theater. I know that this must sound strange coming from a self-proclaimed metalhead, but I love musicals. Whenever I hear songs from my favorites such as West Side Story or Little Shop of Horrors, there is a part of me that can’t help but get up and not only sing, but act out the song that is playing (a similar thing happens when I listen to Iron Maiden). Coming at Jersey Boys from that perspective, I believe that I have enough knowledge to give this film its day in court. Continue reading Jersey Boys Movie Review