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Deepsea Challenge 3D Movie Review

deepsea challenge

Ever since I was a young kid, I’ve always found deep sea exploration to be fascinating. I’ve never been out to waters such as that myself (in fact, I’ve never even gone diving), but the idea of going into never-before-seen places on our own planet fills me with wonder. It’s an interest that I share with filmmaker James Cameron, who has made several films and documentaries involving aquatic adventures. The latest of these works to feature Cameron is Deepsea Challenge 3D, a documentary chronicling the filmmaker’s journey to the bottom of the Mariana Trench. Continue reading Deepsea Challenge 3D Movie Review

Life Itself Movie Review


For awhile now, I’ve been thinking that I should put some sort of article up on Heavy Metal Ebert as a tribute to Roger Ebert. After all, I am using his last name in the very title of this blog, and I want to borrow that from him out of respect, not the opposite. There are many qualities about Roger Ebert as a film critic that I have always admired, and many which I try to take into my own film criticism. Although I disagree with some of his opinions in his later years (specifically those expressed in the 2010 article, “Video Games Can Never Be Art”), I still think that he did more for film criticism than any other critic of our time. However, I never really learned very much about Roger Ebert as a person, something that the new documentary Life Itself sheds some light upon. Continue reading Life Itself Movie Review