About Rocky Rockwell

My name is Rocky Rockwell, and I play heavy metal guitar.

Me playing Guitar

I currently live in Nashville, Tennessee, and I am a senior music major at Belmont University. As someone who spends quite a bit of time focused on music, I find that even though playing music gives me great pleasure, I occasionally have to find something to get me away from playing Metallica and Iron Maiden licks all day, as I can occasionally get burnt out with all that jazz (or should I say metal?). One method of escape from music that I’ve found is immersing myself in other forms of art, especially film. About two years ago, I started a quest to watch every classic film that I hadn’t yet seen. So far, I have greatly enjoyed watching classics such as Citizen Kane,  Full Metal Jacket, and Raging Bull, and I found out along the way that I, myself, am very passionate about film, and that I have very strong opinions about the films that I watch. I originally only expressed my views among my friends, but I have now decided to start this blog to pursue film criticism as a hobby. I have started this blog to give myself an outlet for my reviews, and I hope to share some other reviews as well, such as those of albums, TV shows, books, and video games. I hope that you enjoy my reviews, even if you completely disagree with them, and I look forward to hearing what you all have to say!



2 thoughts on “About Rocky Rockwell”

  1. I can completely vouch for Rocky’s strong film opinions as I’ve been on the receiving end of them a number of times. Where are all of the romance film reviews!? 🙂

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